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Ten Thousand Girlfriends is a non-profit org whose mission is to provide advocacy and resources regarding education, training, housing, childcare and employment to single-parent families, assisting them to become more financially stable. Your donation will strengthen these families as they strive to increase economic security and well-being.

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How We See It

Let's face it, there are lots of families struggling today. The dismantling of social safety nets and tenuous access to healthcare have made life a neverending series of setbacks for financially-insecure families. The myth that government and community-based social service organizations can meet the needs of these families is just that--a myth. They cannot, never could, and today they are overwhelmed by that need. There are more homeless, hungry and poor families now than at any other time since the 1930s, during the Great Depression. But unemployment is down, you say!? It only appears down because the report issued by the government includes people working part-time because they can't find full-time work, and excludes the seven million adult males who have given up looking for work. It is worst for single-parent families because there is just one adult to work and also deal with securing affordable childcare (which some would claim is also a myth for any but the upper middle class and above). And it is these same families who are most at risk of sinking permanently into poverty because being the sole wage earner in your family makes it damn near impossible to get the handhold necessary to lift yourself and your children up to a better life. It is not a fair fight for single parents, especially single moms, and Ten Thousand Girlfriends is here to kick a little butt and remove some of the barriers these parents face.

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How We Do It

• Partnering with other organizations to fill gaps in services and resources for women who are already working to improve their families’ socio-economic status.

* Becoming a one-stop shop for resources related to training, education, housing, childcare, domestic violence and employment, and sharing information and referrals through our Single Mama Helpline, our referral service and our online magazine and social media resources in order to assist single parents to escape financial insecurity.

* Providing the one resource that is most necessary, but least likely to be available to single mothers: financial assistance to deal with expenses related to education, training, employment, housing, childcare, and crisis situations. Sometimes, money is the only resource that will keep your head above water until you can grab the next life preserver that floats by.

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